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The world is changing and we are always one step ahead.

Change is opportunity and we love it!

Contrary to Web1.0 and Web2.0 which are owned and managed by singular entities, Web3 data and platforms are distributed. This powered by the people attribute makes it not just a technology, but also a social movement that is driving DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and the way people, and businesses interact and transact.

Its adoption is quasi-unstoppable and the opportunities related to new Web3 and DeFi economic models are exponential. Because decentralized exchanges and DeFi platforms can break the grip of a handful of powerful incumbents, they offer an exhilarating glimpse of a future where money is truly democratic.

The Tamanoir Group’s mission is to help our clients participate in the explosive growth of decentralized finance, adapt their organizations to capitalize on this opportunity-rich environment, and grow their customer base and businesses.

To this end, we bring a 30-year experience in payments, finance and technology to offer holistic solutions to transition from traditional banking to DeFi, as well as provide a wide-range of turnkey innovative services that can be integrated into our clients’ existing payments and business ecosystems.


Our payments sector expertise and deep understanding of new technologies enable us to empower you.

The secret to cashing in on the current paradigm shift affecting payments is understanding and mastering the technologies that are driving Web 3.0 and DeFi.

We further enhance our control of technologies with over 20 years in the payment sector which often is torn between innovation on one hand and regulations on the other.

Our solutions balance the convergence of multiple technologies including AI, blockchain for better data ownership and control, and the need for our clients to incorporate these innovations to earn more while taking into account the multitude of legal complexities around cross-border transactions.

Our solutions are structured around the business needs of our clients and the excellence they demand.

Tamanoir Crypto

Tamanoir VC Asset Management is a thematic investor that invests directly into companies that are active in technology, DeFi, Payments, FinTech, Metaverse, etc. We have an activist approach and bring the added value of the Group to our portfolio.

Tamanoir Crypto

Tamanoir Crypto is an investment fund based in the Cayman Islands. It invests directly into thematic assets (finance, technology, DeFi, metaverse, etc.) and our focus is on the expansion of the digital world.

Tamanoir Crypto

Tamanoir Agency is the Group’s consulting division. It specializes in helping companies migrate to the digital world and DeFi. Typically we advise on digital payments, Blockchain integration, DeFi listing, as well as assisting tech/metaverse companies raise capital.

Tamanoir Crypto

Tamanoir Real Estate specializes in the digitalisation and tokenisation of real assets to enable property owners to leverage their portfolio for greater liquidity.

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Protect what you value most

with the world’s most secure vault ever!

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Tamanoir’s Digital Network addresses the needs of client’s facing a global lending system that is outdated and often broken. Access to credit is limited to those who borrowed before and is focused on income. However, 60%+ of OECD residents having property equity that is illiquid and can’t be accessed.

We are crating the worlds first digital bank account that combines both an eMoney cash account and a net asset ledger of the client’s fixed property, and digitised assets thus enabling access to locked capital.

Payment Gateway
Merchant Services
Card Services
30+ Years in Payments & Technology
We specialize in developing innovative payment solutions and possess a unique expertise in key technologies impacting Card Payments. Today we focus on Web3/DeFi solutions that foster the economic empowerment of consumers, merchants and financial institutions.

Central to our ability to bring genuine innovation in this highly specialized sector, is our deep understanding of current trends and future needs impacting this market. Our expertise covers Blockchain, DeFi, Asset Tokenization, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud and Big Data, as well as the management of complex cross-border regulations.

To fulfil our commitment to our clients and partners, all our products and solutions are designed by payment processing specialists possessing many years of experience in this multi-faceted industry and who have all participated in payment technology start-ups as well as worked with leading global financial establishments.

Our mission is to better empower key players in the transactional chain with the tools and solutions that will enable them to durably serve their customers and partners.

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Empower yourself

to empower your customers.

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